Is Expo or CRNA a Hybrid app?

I’m new to react-native
Currently when browse to react-native official docs, it always recommend getting start with create-react-native-app :frowning:
But why are there many starting tools available?
Which is native, which is hybrid?
Which have the better performance?

Hey @piscessky15,

Expo and CRNA start as pure JS applications with the options to detach/eject that will make native android and ios folders so you can make native configurations. The react-native-cli will create an app that already has the native directories included.

Moving forward, I would suggest creating a project with our new devtool: Announcing Expo Dev Tools (beta). The features of a command line tool… | by Jimmy Lee | Exposition An Expo project will allow you to use things such as our build services and push notifications API. It takes a lot of the hassle out of deploying your apps to the app stores since you won’t have to deal with Xcode and Android Studio. Though the only way to find out what works best for you is to try them out and make an informed decision.



Hi, Adam

So what u mean that the Expo and CRNA is still hybrid app (as Ionic and Cordova).
Because I found that my issue is similar to hybrid framework (Ionic and Cordova) which is performance issue, work very well in iPhone but lagging in Android!
So for long term, use react-native-cli is still the best!?

Thanx for the news, the previous devtool was very slow and the CLI of yarn/exp is more faster. But now what’s the main advantages of new tool ? Should I switch on new tool from CLI or not ?

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