expo api usage in application created with CLI or CRNA

hello, im a beginner to react native development
can i use a expo API in my react native application which is generated using react-native-cli or create-react-native-app instead of the application which is generated by the expo XDE ?
cause i created the app using expo IDE and generated an apk successfully which is running fine but can i do that with the CLI or CRNA?
or is it that we need to use the react native code in my app which is created using expo XDE?
please help me out.

hi! sorry i do not understand the questions. can you rephrase them? also, FAQ may have answers for you: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v27.0.0/introduction/faq

i created react native app through with Expo XDE → new Project, used an API of Expo Documentation , and is running good after generating an APK with " exp build:andoid ".
Now my doubt is that can i use an Expo API in the react application which not created using the Expo XDE and which is created using the react-native-cli with the command " react-native init proj_name " ? or an application which is created using create-react-native-app with the command " create-react-native-app proj_name "
thank you for responding.

You can’t use Expo APIs in projects created with react-native init
You can use Expo APIs in projects created with create-react-native-app, XDE, or exp init.

Does that answer your question?


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