Is Create React Native App retired?

In react-community/create-react-native-app repo in GitHub, it’s saying that the project is archived by the owner, it’s read-only, and all issues moved to expo-cli repo. So no new CRNA versions anymore?

Hi! We’ve merged the Create React Native App (CRNA) and Expo CLI projects.

The latest version of CRNA uses Expo CLI under the hood, so if you’re using it, you’ll get everything that’s in Expo CLI. The react-native-scripts package is now just a thin wrapper for the expo-cli package and it uses the version you have installed globally, with the idea that it’s really easy to always use the latest version. So it’s not likely that there would be major updates to the react-native-scripts wrapper itself, but Expo CLI underneath it keeps updating. The reduced duplication means the maintenance burden is smaller, which means we have more time to improve the CLI, bringing it forward at a faster pace.

So if you’re using CRNA, you can still keep using it and receive the latest updates of Expo CLI. On the other hand, you can also easily drop the CRNA wrapper and keep using Expo CLI directly (latest CRNA prints instructions for how to do that, if you have a project created with CRNA).

You can read more background for this change here:

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