using expo api's in applications created by react-native-cli or CRNA

hello, im a beginner to react native development
can i use a expo API in my react native application which is generated using react-native-cli or create-react-native-app instead of the application which is generated by the expo XDE ?
cause i created the app using expo IDE and generated an apk successfully which is running fine but can i do that with the CLI or CRNA?
or is it that we need to use the react native code in my app which is created using expo XDE?
please help me out.
thank you

Hi, Expo works on react-native. In Expo there are already many libraries that, using the common cli, you will have to install and configure yourself. Even the process of creating the binaries is automated with Expo.

Expo does not allow you to install libraries that need extra configuration (react-native link). If you want to do this, you need to do detach to generate the folders for Xcode and Android Studio, but then the generation of the binaries for the stores you will have to make them yourself.

What I recommend if you need to install libraries with extra configuration, is that you generate a project with Expo, then do the detach and work with ExpoKit.

All this is perfectly explained in which I recommend you read, since there is a lot of important information.


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