[iOS] Internal distribution: app is not installing

Hey :slight_smile:

I followed the instructions on Internal distribution - Expo Documentation to set up an ad hoc installation on my iPhone.

I tried eas device:create with both options:

  1. manually entering the UUID
  2. downloading and installing the profile to register the device.
    Both options seemed to work fine.

Also eas build --profile preview --platform all worked fine.

When I click on install on my iOS build with my phone, I get the message Go to your home screen to check the installation process. The problem is that there is nothing on my home screen. The application is not being installed.

Do I need to have a specific profile installed for this to work?
I would guess that I need the “Apple Provisioning Profile” created in Expo Dev.
When I download this profile to my iPhone and open the file, my phone directs me to the “profile page” in the phone settings, but then there is nothing to install.