Adhoc build fails with "Unable to install" when trying to load onto the phone

Hi there,

We have got a problem with the EAS build’s output IPA files, when using EAS to try and build an internal distribution. Anyone who tries to download one of the files from the link that EAS provides ends up with a blank icon and an “Unable to install” error message on their iPhone.

Config snippet:

"staging": {
			"extends": "production",
			"distribution": "internal",
			"releaseChannel": "staging",
			"ios": {
				"buildConfiguration": "Staging",
				"scheme": "staging"
			"env": {
				"ENVIRONMENT": "staging"

We are also using “applicationArchivePath”: "ios/build/* in our production config, and I wonder if this might be making any difference?

When we run XCode ourselves (with auto signing) it is working fine and the export is great, but it would be nice not to have to manually create these.

EAS Build is using manual signing and I wonder if this might be something to do with it?

Also to note that we tried opening up the IPA and reading the build logs, it all looks fine there.