Cannot install downloaded Developer Profile on iPhone 13

I’m having an issue installing the “Profile Downloaded” on my iPhone 13. I initiate the device registration with eas device:create and follow all the prompts, including the “Website” registration option in the cli prompt. Once the register device url is provided, I open the link on my phone and install the developer profile.

Then, on my phone, when I tap on “Profile Downloaded”, the “Install Profile” screen slides up and I see two buttons: “Cancel” and “Install” (as well as “Remove Downloaded Profile” at the bottom). Then, I tap “Install” and tap the other “Install” prompt that slides from the bottom. I then get redirected to a success page that opens in Safari with a message that states: “Your device is ready to run internal distribution builds”.

But, when I go back to the settings page on my phone, I still see the “Profile Downloaded” option and tapping into it just brings the same screen as I described above.

When I open the “Privacy & Security” page in my phone’s settings, I only see “Lockdown Mode” at the bottom (under the “Security” section), but I don’t see the “Developer Mode” toggle, as I would expect to see if the developer profile installed correctly.

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!!

P.S. my eas cli version is eas-cli/3.17.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.9.1