IOS Build for simulator stuck in queue status

on trying to rebuild i get following

17:28:04 [exp] ============
17:28:04 [exp] Build Status
17:28:04 [exp] ============

17:28:04 [exp] iOS: Build waiting in queue...
17:28:04 [exp] Cannot start new build, as there is a build in progress.

My expo user is @erichi and build id is d56868ea-b650-4ca6-961b-263da1f2e242
Is there a way to manually cancel it?
Thank you!

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We are experiencing a similar problem, our build: has been queued for an hour.

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My build switched to In Progress where i cancelled it
So for now problem is solved.
Anyway it would be great to have opportunity to cancel the build at any point

Our builders were running unusually slow over the weekend and the queue has gotten a bit backed up. We’re actively working on getting things back to normal.

Thanks for your patience!

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