Build waiting in queue...

I am experiencing delays when I am trying to create my builds for iOS.
Is there something you can do on your side? Is this something you have identified?

This is specifically the affected build

0 | iOS |

14:18:04 [exp] Build waiting in queue…



Another one waiting in queue

0 | iOS |

14:33:54 [exp] Build waiting in queue…

iOS: Build waiting in queue…
16:52:47 [exp] iOS:
16:52:47 [exp] IPA:

Hey there,
I’m also stuck on ‘waiting in queue’ did your build complete after several hours?

I’ve not arrived to this level of pain. there is no way to stop a blocked build?

Hi @bmagnan @edupleich - have your builds finished by now? I’m not sure what was going on earlier but I’ve pinged some people who might know more.

yes, at some point they finished, but it took some time.
today I’ve just launched a new build and again it is in a building queue

10:11:06 [exp] ### 0 | iOS | ###
10:11:06 [exp] Build waiting in queue…

do you have any advance on this? I am still having builds waiting in queue from time to time.

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