Can't Cancel Build

Can’t cancel this build: 6ae1ea59-a82f-4470-bfed-68137ea39564

Similar issue for me. Different build, but it seems blocked. Queued for over 3 hours now.

It’s just cleared (seemingly on it’s own) after 7 hours. Thanks guys

Rebuild is hanging now, seems there are still issues with this

Can’t cancel the ios build. "Build waiting in queue… " almost 2 hours now. Can you please cancel this build. I Can’t do it by myself because ‘Cancel’ Buttons are grey.

Hey guys,

We are aware of the issues with our build servers and are actively working on fixing them. We’ll release an announcement when we believe the issues are fixed.

Thanks for your patience,


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Having issues with my build as well.

Hello, what’s up? I’m waiting! :slight_smile:

As @adamjnav mentioned, we’re actively looking into this issues and builds are being processed. It will take some time to process the queue and when we have updates we will post them here:

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