Interstitial expo admob shows only on normal workflow

The interstitial ad from expo admob shows on normal workflow. But it doesn’t in the bare workflow while throwing the warning:

Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0): Error: ERROR_CODE_INTERNAL_ERROR

The banner ad shows correctly in both kinds of workflow.

I am using this code: to display it in the ComponentDidMount of the App.js:

	       await AdMobInterstitial.setAdUnitID(constants.interID); 
		await AdMobInterstitial.requestAdAsync({ servePersonalizedAds: true});
		await AdMobInterstitial.showAdAsync();

Hey @danielgb,

Could you create a reproducible example of this in the form of a repo that we can clone and test it on our end?


The problem was an app in my phone that works as a firewall and wasn’t yet authorizing traffic needed for the ad from my bare compiled app. I authorized it and it worked fine.

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Good to hear you got things sorted out. Thanks for sharing the solution with the community as well!