Admob component is not showing ads on real device after build

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I have the same problem as a lot people on this forum. I used the expo Admob lib to implement AdMob banners and interstitial Ads on my App. When running through expo cli on my emulator it works perfectly. When I use real adUnitID it show a real ad. However, after buildling the apk and installing on real devices, the Ads are not showing anymore.

My implementation is quite simple:

	onAdViewDidReceiveAd={() => adReceived('success')}
	onDidFailToReceiveAdWithError={() => adReceived('err')}

adReceived(arg) - it’s just a logger, which save results, do I have success request to Google ad server or not.
On real device I have err messages. So, it looks like then app doesn’t have permission to making request to the internet.

I don’t have paremission section in my app.json, and any other specific setting in this file. According to Configuration with app.json page - To use ALL permissions supported by Expo, do not specify the "permissions" key.

I found on this forum a lot of relevant topics, for example:
first, second, and I have three more.
And no one provided any solution.

If I should provide some additional information, please specify what I need to add.
If there is a solution to this, which I didn’t find then please add the link/
Let’s help to resolve this question once and forever for all developers.

Does anybody have some ideas?

Whats the error message?
Have u set up the googleMobileAdsAppId in app.json?
Are ur admob google acount new?
I had a similar problem with code working only in dev mode, it was a problem with my new admob account, you need link the app with google play store in admob console, and set up a finantial account option too. Its taking some time to google aprove because of cornona virus, after a few days it was working no neded set up any permission

hey, thanks for your answers

I don’t check it, just implement prop onDidFailToReceiveAdWithError, but I test it.

couple of months

hmm, so as I understand, without these settings I cannot see ads on the real device but everything can work on dev env. Am I right? Could you please share some links about this?

In my case i searched for the returned error message from onDidFailToReceiveAdWithError

  • ERROR_CODE_INTERNAL_ERROR - Something happened internally; for instance, an invalid response was received from the ad server.
  • ERROR_CODE_INVALID_REQUEST - The ad request was invalid; for instance, the ad unit ID was incorrect.
  • ERROR_CODE_NETWORK_ERROR - The ad request was unsuccessful due to network connectivity.
  • ERROR_CODE_NO_FILL - The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory.

options in admob to check

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