Infinite loading standalone ios app in expo sdk 24

I upgraded expo sdk 24 and published to app store and received feedback that app is loading inifinitely and I downloaded from testflight and found out same experience. It is fine in expo xde but it only happens when I made a standalone app for ios.

I’ve tried many things to solve it but couldn’t. I just downgraded expo version to 23 and everything is working fine in testflight.

Also I experienced strange experience in android app too. When I login as usual in my app, new white screen pops up and nothing happens. It worked fine too when I downgraded to sdk23. (For android I didn’t have time to see the logs. I just passed it when everything worked fine after downgrading to sdk 23.)

I have one detached app and one undetached app for expo and both are having so many troubles uprgrading from sdk 23 to sdk 24. I also have posted some posts related to upgrading sdk 23 to sdk 24 for detached app especially for android.

Recently, I am concerning if I can rely on expo sdk for my app for future releases if this is keep happening. I just can’t code…

Want to hear from other people who’ve upgraded to expo version 24.

It’s a stretch, but are you sure only the version of expo changes, and not also the version of React particularly if you have a ScrollView on your home screen.

In my case this had the symptom of load, but in reality was killing the first render. Only in published versions.

I’ve tried scheme for release already and nothing shows just a loading screen for while and crash with blackscreen. No js is showing. Maybe as you told it may be due to version of react because only thing I’ve changed is pacakge version of react and expo and also version in app.json.

I had no idea to solve it fighting for few hours and I’ve just reverted to sdk 23 and worked liked a charm.

I seems to work fine after installing . Thanks.
“uglify-es”: “^3.2.2”

Hope next update is not as challenging as current one tough. Also I am still having problem updating detached expo app for android which is very much challenging.

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