Inconsistent loading on LTE Cellular Data vs. WIFI

I have an Expo v.28 app that has recently been published to the iOS App Store for beta testing.

We are experiencing inconsistencies in LTE Cellular Data vs. WIFI, on all the devices we have tested it on thus far (Devices tested include iPhones - 6, 7, 8 & X )

The test case is a simple photo app - load 8 compressed base64 images from an API:

WIFI - loads in approximately 0.5 seconds

LTE - most of the time doesn’t load at all, but when it does load (about 20% of the time), it takes around 8 seconds. The iPhone 7 and one iPhone 8 (out of two iPhone 8’s tested) won’t work at all, and the rest are very inconsistent. Approximately 10% of the time, the iPhone 6 and the other iPhone 8 will load instantly, then if closed and reopened they usually don’t render again even when LTE has remained at full connection.

I even reconfigured the app to just render 1 photo, and the result was the same, LTE times-out more often than not with an ambiguous Network Error -
error.message: Network Error
error.code: undefined
error.status: undefined

TL;DR - The app works great on WIFI, but times-out on LTE, even though LTE is 2.5x faster than my WIFI according to multiple independent connection-speed tests.

The only reference I found to a similar problem is here -

- but has to do with XCode project settings and doesn’t seem to be a relevant solution.

It may not be a Expo issue. Perhaps my network calls are the culprit. It is just strange that it always works on WIFI. I am using Redux, Thunk, Axios and Async/Await, and so the problem might stem from somewhere in there.

Any information would be appreciated before I have to resort to replacing my stack piece by piece with no solid direction in sight for what is actually going wrong.

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