Fetch works in Wi-Fi but not in mobile data (4G)


We have encountered a single random case where fetch works only in Wi-Fi but not in mobile data. Querying the server via Safari works in Wi-Fi and in mobile data, but in the mobile application fetch ends in “network request failed” error when connected to mobile data (4G). We have hundreds of iPhone users using the same version of the app and all work ok, but a single iPhone 13 fails fetch while using mobile data.

The user has rebooted the device and reinstalled the app, but the problem remains. Any ideas what to try next?

SDK: 43
Device: iPhone 13

Hi @orteidni, you can try a tool like Proxyman or Charles Proxy to watch network requests and debug what is failing. We recommend these tools in our documentation here: Debugging guide - Expo Documentation

Thanks for the tip! I haven’t heard from the client for a couple of days so I hope the problem was solved. I suggested they try these:

  1. update iOS
  2. take SIM card from the device and reinsert
  3. reset iPhone network settings
  4. reset the device completely
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It’s kinda of hard to debug a network request that is not working on a specific device. But I’m glad that all is fine now.

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