Support for Branch SDK


Do I have to eject Expo in order to integrate with Branch SDK ?

If So, I wonder if Expo team will consider integrating Branch into Expo SDK, since deep linking is quite common use case when developing mobile apps, and branch is one of most popular one out there.


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Hey @wty52133

Since you’re modifying compiled code with the link command, you’d have to eject to use is. I personally think the ExpoKit might be the way to go long term anyway since it gives you the best of both worlds but that’s just, like, my opinion man.


Thanks Sterling,

Yeah, what you’re saying makes sense.
But I think one of the benefits to use expo is that it makes upgrading easier, when you eject, you need to maintain decencies yourself.
But at the moment, I guess using ExpoKit is the only way to go anyway.


Expo supports deep linking but we haven’t documented it yet. You can see examples of how it works here:

We probably won’t be able to support Branch because of how we handle deep links internally.

I see, thanks Jesse.

But Branch offers a lot of other analytic stuff. So will be using the ExpoKit for now.

Yes that makes sense. ExpoKit is probably the right choice if you need that. Good luck!

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Has the situation changed? I’m seeing this documentation but it’s not extensive enough nor doesn’t seem to match up with react-native-branch.

I’m seeing Branch is working fully as expected with 29 now on par with our previous native implementation. Branch.subscribe previously was not sending hits during local testing, only in TestFlight.

Branch events typically trigger very easily and quickly in the native iOS initSession method.