Please help me - do I need to Eject?

Scenario - I have been developing an Expo TS solution - all going well.

I am inexperienced at building iOS or Android apps - I have no time to learn XCode at the moment etc.
I am relatively experienced with TS/JS on web etc.

I need to implement and use the React Native SDK from quickblox

Quickblox RN SDK

In order to use that SDK, I see that it says I need to run:
pod install

Please correct me if I am wrong - in order to use this SDK, I would need to eject, and would therefore lose a lot of the benefits of building in Expo JS.

Most notably, my understanding is also that once we eject and go to the bare workflow, we would not be able to do the updates user Expo - we would need to resubmit to the appstore etc each time.

Any direction and guidance here would be really helpful. Thanks.

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