I have two Identical snacks both using ScrollView and only one works


I have been dealing with this problem for ages and I cannot get anyone to help me. I posted on StackOverflow here:

Created an issue on React-Native GitHub page here:

Posted about here also

I found an interesting issue. I found a working demo of a scrollTo snack and modified it here and the code seems to work even when upgrading to the SDK 34. However, when creating a fresh snack and copying and pasting the code over the code does not work. Can anyone explain this anomaly?
Not working scrollTo

Working scrollTo

I want to use hooks so badly, but I first have to get this issue resolved. I’m not sure what else I can do. My entire app depends on the crollTo method and this problem is too big for me to avoid. I am really needing help.
at this point.

Not sure why this was moved to Third Party Software. It’s dealing with ScrollView it’s native to React-Native.

Neither snack does anything for me when clicking on the “Go to Index” button on my Galaxy S8 running Android 9. Also, the code in the two snacks is not the same. It would be easier to compare the two if the code was identical.

I did notice that the “good” version is using SDK 32 (with React 16.5.0), while the “bad” version is using SDK 33 (with React 16.8.3).

I hope that helps you to track down the cause of the problem.

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