I just upgraded to SDK 33 and having an issue with scrollView Api

I went through hell updating my project and finally got things working and I noticed that Animated.ScrollView scrollTo is not working properly. This is the behavior after I upgraded to Expo SDK 33.

The problem is when adding a new card it stopped scrolling on the X-axis when moving forward, but when deleting a card and moving in reverse the animation remained intact. All that has changed is me upgrading to SDK 33.

This is the functionality before upgrading as you can notice I am able to animate moving forward and backward on the x-axis whereas after upgrading I am only able to animate moving backward.

This is how

The code I am using is
(cardWidth + cardMargin * 2) * this.state.flashcardsPosition.length,
y: 0,
animated: true

I have attempted to pass random numbers to see if it scrolled and it was unable to scroll. Hopefully, this makes a bit of sense. Please let me know if I can give any more information on this topic to help solve this issue.

Hey @louis345,

The ScrollView API is one of React Native’s. You’ll want to head over to the RN repo and investigate if this issue has been reported and if there is any additional information.

Another thing that might be useful is to try and recreate the issue with a vanilla RN project using RN 0.59.8. If it works on the vanilla project, it’s something we can look into.


@adamjnav thank you so much. I will do some investigation and report back.

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Sounds good!

I’m having the same problem. Any luck? @louis345

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