Scrollview not scroll to bottom

I have view that fit into screen size using flex and i divided flex=1 into sub parts like:
flex=0.65 for one view and other flex = 0.

Hey @kulbhushansingh,

I don’t want to come off as mean, but as I’ve addressed, we keep the support in our forums directed towards issues that are Expo-related. These types of questions belong elsewhere such as StackOverflow as it is a general react-native issue.

As well, when asking for help, it is best to provide as much context and code as possible. You should also show that you’ve taken time yourself to try and research the issue before asking others to do the work for you. It will make people more willing to help you when they know you’ve tried to solve the issue yourself.

In the future, please make sure your issue is related to Expo before posting in the forums!

Thank you,


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ok thanks adam am new in expo so posted it…thanks again

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Here is a cheat sheet that helps me with React Native styles, it may help you too :smiley:

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