How to upgrade Expo to the latest 49 version?

Hello everyone, the question seems so simple but I do not understand what command I should use to upgrade EXPO-CLI to local EXPO v/49, and do not understand after successfull upgrade in app.json and package.json the versions automaticly will be set to 49 or i should do it manually… please help! :frowning:

Hi @nelco, the expo-cli is deprecated and with SDK 46 and above expo package comes with a localized version of the CLI. You can read more about in our docs: Expo CLI - Expo Documentation

For example, if you are upgrading your project from SDK 48 to 49, follow the steps in the release post:➡️%20Upgrading%20your%20app

Similarly, depending on which SDK your project currently uses, you’ll have to do incremental upgrades. You can find all release notes here for each SDK here: Upgrade Expo SDK - Expo Documentation. Just open the link for the SDK you are upgrading to, and follow the steps mentioned in the SDK release post.

Once you upgrade the SDK by following instructions, the package version will be automatically updated in package.json file.

By the way, the Expo SDK version should no longer appear in app.json. Only in dependencies in package.json.

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