Expo upgrade installed SDK 37

I wanted to upgrade to SDK 36, but expo cli installed SDK 37. Android emulator shows “37 is not a valid SDK Version”.

Do I need to downgrade, if so how?

It’s probably because Expo Client hasn’t been updated yet to accept SDK 37


Expo SDK 37 has not yet been released, so this must have been a mistake. When I try it with the latest version of expo-cli (3.15.5) I get this:

? You are currently using SDK 35.0.0. Would you like to update to the latest version, 36.0.0? (Y/n) 

so I suppose the problem was fixed.

I suggest you make sure you have the latest version of expo-cli installed.

Then, the expo upgrade command accepts an SDK version to upgrade to:

$ expo upgrade --help

  Usage: upgrade|update [options] [targetSdkVersion]

So you could try this:

expo upgrade 36.0.0

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