How to submit Expo Managed app with app store (App Tracking)

I recently added an application on App store which uses the workflow managed by expo. Unfortunately my application was rejected because according to Apple I collect the unique identifier of the phone however it is not the case it is Expo which adds the code for that automatically. So I would like to know how to overcome this problem? Is using the workflow managed by expo synonymous with adding the framework for AppTracking so that Apple validates my submission? I explored the doc however I don’t see anything that stipulates that I must add the framework for AppTracking in the case of deployment with the project managed by expo.

Hi @randall71

Expo does not collect these tracking IDs, but the SDK includes e.g. the Facebook Audience SDK which is able to do that.

If you build with expo build:ios then all native code from the SDK is included in your app, whether or not you install the dependency. In this case you would have to convince the reviewer that, although the code is included, you’re not making use of it.

If you build your app with EAS Build, this code will not be included in the app unless you install it.

Thank you for your reply,
I know that Expo does not collect its data however why the doc stipulates that it is necessary to specify that: “Yes, we collect data from this app”.
The link here (Deploying to App Stores - Expo Documentation)
Is the doc up to date with EAS Build? Also I don’t use any branch and others SDK mention in the doc inside my project just expo-facebook to manage user login so could this be the cause?

That documentation does look a bit out of date wrt. EAS Build. e.g. it says:

  • Apple will ask you whether your app uses the IDFA: the answer is “yes.” This is because Expo contains the Facebook and Branch SDKs, which contain code for collecting the IDFA, and you’ll need to check a couple boxes on the Apple submission form. See Branch’s Guide for which specific boxes to fill in.

but with EAS Build your app does not necessarily include those SDKs.

However, according to the App Privacy questions section the Facebook SDK collects the device ID. So if you’re using the expo-facebook it seems you will need to select “Yes, we collect data from this app” and “Other Usage Data”.

It also seems you need to select “Crash Data” if you make use of expo-updates.