Build iOS for App Store and Enterprise

Is it possible to build an iOS app for the app store (with a normal developer account) and also build for enterprise (with a separate enterprise account)?

I am wanting to build both but I am not sure if it is possible to use the same bundleIdentifier in the app.json. Will expo need to have them registered as separate apps? I have seen a few places where Apple appends the team id to the app identifier but I am not sure if it is different.

Thanks for all of the great work and services! Expo has made my life much easier and I am impressed that mobile development has come so far with React Native.

The bundle identifier is mainly used to feed in as bundle identifiers for the underlying iOS / Android platforms so the same restrictions would apply. I believe, yes, you do need separate ids. One option for this is to keep your source code in a common directory and have two separate directories for app.jsons from where you run the application, with different configs.

Thanks for the confirmation! I will plan on doing that.

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