How to make dynamic apps

Hi Everyone,
I couldn’t know is it the right category. If not please let me know. I will change it immediately.
My question is, how can i make build and deploy process for my apps. Let me give you an example what i really want to do. Let’s assume i’ve developed an e-commerce app. I know how can i build and share my app. My want is, if i want to build same app ( just for different clients ) 100 times. Everytime, i have to take those stepes; change metedata ( such like, app_name, icon, splash vs. ). So, I searched and found those technologies. For build on my CI turtle-cli ( expo tool to handle build ). Fastlane ( automate app sharing ). Docker to run 100 different environment to start build process ( i guess ).

So, how can i do that? Which technologies or tools do i need? Please give me a roadmap?
Thank you for your time