How to build the app?

I heard about Turtle CLI and Expo CLI and I read a lot of articles like GitHub - expo/turtle: Standalone app builder service and Building Standalone Apps - Expo Documentation, but still don’t know how to build my app in the right way. I have Windows 10 as OS and I started with expo because I knew that you don’t need to have mac OS to create ios or andriod apps. I have a complate app build in snack. My question is how to just build a hello world snack to .apk or .ipa

Please, can someone make a video about how to build the app just exported from snack to the windows.

Thanks in advance.

To get your app ready to a build, prep your app with and environment. Follow along this guide

Once you’re ready to build, follow along here to build a .ipa or .apk

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It is possible for both files to be generated, but to actually upload the .IPA file to the App Store, you will need a Mac-specific app, meaning you will have to have a Mac to upload your app to the app store.

However, from reading your question I don’t think this is what you want to do. I would suggest reading through the Expo Docs and looking at tutorials on YouTube to learn how to export your test app, as this really helped me.

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