Expo Managed Project and Versioning

Hello, I currently have a managed app (including a TestFlight app) that I am using for our production build. Early on, I wasn’t sure how Expo handled bundle ID, push, etc. so I created another expo build for development (again, including a TestFlight just for the development version). I use git/bitbucket for changes that will be pushed to live, but this is not ideal.

I’m curious as to how others do version control with managed apps in Expo? I need to be able to ‘push’ a development version for review and QA that has NO CHANCE of being pushed to live.

What is your pipeline and how were you able to fully utilize Git?

I should mention. We use BitBucket, but not the cloud version - the server version which does NOT include pipelines.


Have a look at @llamaluvr’s posts on versioning.

Also have a look at the release channel docs. You can publish the development versions to e.g. a staging release channel and then later promote them to the default release channel:


See also the following for incrementing your build/version numbers:

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