Managing multiple apps with common codebase

I have built an Expo app whose design is such that each customer (think: a company having several employees using) will get their own branding of the app.

However, I’d like to keep all customers “on the same version” of the code so that when I make a change I can publish it out to each of my customers. So, if I have 5 customers, I am essentially publishing 5 separate apps with 99% consistency in code. The 1% diff will be mainly set in app.json: name, color scheme and icons, some other app-specific values.

I don’t expect the 1% to change much, if ever.

I am looking for an efficient/low-risk way of setting up the apps for publishing, managing those deployments, etc.

Interested in people’s thoughts on code management, build management and deployment management for such a scenario. Any tips/suggestions/warnings? Recommended reading?

Thanks in advance!

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Is what I’m asking about leading me to use Release Channels ?

Is this a valid paradigm for what I describe above?