HOw to build new version Apps without publish to OTA

If my apps have an update, but I dont want to publish (OTA updater)
because that change could broken the previous apps.
So if user want the new feature they need to upgrade to latest version from playstore.
How to achieve this?

and that version do not update from previous version in OTA, because i found out that my apps (which larger Version code) is update from OTA (which lower Version code).

Hey @hotaru.edogawa,

You’ll want to follow the instructions below the code snippet found here: that describes how to disable OTA updates with ExpoKit projects.

Once OTA updates are disabled, your users will have to download a new binary from the app store to receive updates. It’s important to note that this will only take affect once a user downloads the binary you produce that has OTA updates disabled. Those who are still running prior versions can receive updates still.


Yesterday I already tried this, but why if I update previous apps it would still get the OTA version? But if reinstall it wouldn’t.
Why it works like that???
Why other binary is change (I change app icon) but not OTA flag?? (I update with APK manually not from AAB in playstore)
Are you have any solution?

How about this,
What if in the next OTA version i make some version checker to my apps in playstore (is it possible right?), when apps initiate then app version in the playstore is higher then I give an alert that we force they are to update from playstore to use the app.
Then second step I build an APK which do not publish OTA and we upload to playstore.