Build APK/IPA without publishing via OTA

Hi, so my goal is to have clients only ever update via App/Play stores, effectively disabling OTA updates, except in some few extreme circumstances that product team determines.

I know there is build --no-publish but that doesn’t seem to take my latest changes when I do that, see also: Build standalone without publishing - #8 by ziudeso

I think my plan will need to be something like:

  • Use full manual control of OTA updates
  • Set OTA updates to only install themselves when {insert some custom logic that matches Product requirements}
  • Then I can build without no-publish to my heart’s content and nobody will get OTA updates, but App/Play store will contain new bundles

Does that sound right?

In app.json set updates: enabled to false. See here

Excerpt from the above link

If set to false, your standalone app will never download any code.
And will only use code bundled locally on the device.
In that case, all updates to your app must be submitted through Apple review.

I assume the docs also mean to say through Apple/Google review

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