Disable OTA Update


I tried disabling OTA Updates with setting updates.enabled = false in the app.json.

Sadly it still updates the app even though I built it and installed the new release through the play store. (the shell-app-manufest.json also includes the updates.enabled: false)

is there something I’m missing? I am running expokit - running expo publish --release-channel prod before I build manually in xCode and Android Studio

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I am having the same issues.

My workaround is to simply append the current version of my app to the release-channel like so:

expo publish --release-channel prod-1.5.5

This will prevent the app from getting the updates unintentionally.

I still don’t know why my app is getting OTA updates despite setting updates.enabled = false in app.json. Hope this helps you somehow! :grin::+1:

I don’t know why, but the only way that I could effectively disable OTA updates was uninstalling my app and install it from binary (apk) that was builded with “updates.enabled=false”.
Another option to avoid the OTA updates was build the application with “–no-publish” parameter.