How do I build a new version of the app without publishing to the users?

  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms: Android/iOS

Hi, this app was our first project with Expo and we allowed OTA by accident, now each time we build the app it gets automatically pushed to the users. We don’t want that because we want to have more control over the updates. So, we changed app.json property:

"updates": {
    "enabled": false

But then we realised that for this changes to take effect the users need to download it from the AppStore again, and we can not simply tell users to reinstall the app. So we were digging and found out the --no-publish flag for the build command, but using that we don’t get a new .apk/.ipa. On this case we should be getting 2.2.0 and we get the old 2.1.5.

How can we build the 2.2.0 version without publishing to the users that still have OTA updates enabled?

I assume the old and new versions are both using the same SDK version?

If they are using different SDKs the old apps will not download the OTA update from the new app.

But I think what you’re looking for are release channels.

The following posts might help:


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