Getting started with EAS Update - nothing happens in app store?

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As far as I understand the all getting started documentation, I don’t need much to begin with eas update. I don’t have any staging, yet. No channels, no branches, all straight forward. I made some basic configuration in order to publish small bug fixes or text changes etc… I did run eas build and eas update successfully, but nothing happens with my app store app (I did not publish on play store, yet, so I can’t try there). The update I created is listed under “Updates” here: Log In — Expo

I recently found Debug EAS Update - Expo Documentation which does not seem helpful to me. I feel that I am missing something extremely basic. When I follow Go to the Deployments page, all I find are very outdated builds? They seem to me like old expo publish before I migrated to eas. That’s definitely not what I submitted to apple app store.

Where did I get lost? What could be missing to successfully use eas update?