Get device model / Access Amplitude data

Hey together,

I’m really new to react native & expo and have a simple question or maybe feature request.

I would like to get some more informations about my app users like the device model, carrier and so on… Is there already any way to get this informations without detaching the project?

By searching around I found this (react-native-device-info) external component on Github with all the features I need. But to keep it simple, I would rather not detach my project…

So my question is, would it be possible to include this external component in one of the next expo releases?
If this is not desired or possible, I maybe found another workaround: I’m using the integrated Amplitude tracking and saw all necessary data like device model or carrier in the Amplitude dashboard - so would it be possible to access some of this data in my expo app?

Thank a lot for your help and feedback!

Greetings from Munich,

Hi there –

We currently expose this data: It’s a subset of information that rn-device-info has.

Re: amplitude, you would have to use Amplitude’s HTTP api to grab that information.


Thanks for your fast reply!

Why are informations like device model and device os version only available for iOS devices? Are there more information to come planted in the future?