Does Expo have an API to access battery status/charging?

For an app I’m building I need to know if the user is charging the battery. I couldn’t find anything in the docs about expo/react-native offering an api for this. I’ve come across a few npm modules ( but they all seem to force me to use expo-detach. It’s probably not the most common thing to want in React Native, but if anyone knows a way to get the battery information without detaching that would be really helpful :slight_smile:

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Hey @dasblitz,

As far as I’m aware, is there isn’t a way to discern battery information that is exposed in the Expo SDK, but I would encourage you to open a feature request on our canny page ( We track all of our requests on there so we can accurately determine what our developers want and other developers can voice their support/desire for the same feature(s).



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