Get Device Information

How to get device information?

Hey @nageshkulkarni17 there is actually really good documentation on this!

EDITED 4/17/2018:

You can get information such as the OS as well as the version number.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

Hello, If I want to take device info such us device name, version, model. is this possible.
In fact, I want to have something like this : Samsung Galaxy S8 or Iphone X

@nivo_dev You can refer to this

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@jimmylee Thanks!!!.

Hey @nageshkulkarni17, I can get the device model only in IOS, is there any solution for android?

Hi @toavina, I tried with “Constants.deviceName” in Android platform. It showed me the model name.

I think it’s not the model name. “Constants.deviceName” returns for example ‘C5560’ but I want something like “Sony Xperia ZR C5560”. In IOS, I can get it using Contants.model but annywhere for android

When I checked in my android phone I got like this “Moto G4”.


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