Basic implementation of Amplitude analytics to show DAU

I have an expo app using v19.0.0. I want to use Amplitude to basically just show how many unique users have a session in my app each day (Daily Active Users). I’m newer to programming so some guidance on what event I should be sending to Amplitude etc. would be very helpful. I’m assuming expo has some sort of information somewhere saying that a user had a session etc. I just need to know what that is and what it’s called so I can put it in as an event.

Hi, I think you can get most of the way there just by calling the initialize method when your app starts:

Amplitude should do quite a bit out of the box for you. After that you can send custom information (if you want) using the other methods given in those docs.

Great to hear! This is my first time using an API key. Considering this is React Native and users could theoretically look at the code, is it okay for me to just out the API Key right in the code? Is the API Key okay to make public? I see that Amplitude also provides a Secret Key, so obviously I won’t make that public.

Edit: I basically don’t want someone else using my api key. Will it automatically only work for my app or do I have to set this?