File changes not persisting

I started building a react native app and testing it with the expo app on Android over the Lan tunnel. Everything was working fine for some time. However, at some point I had a bug and to debug I wanted to console.log some info to understand where it was going wrong.

I added console.log(“test”) to try it out first, then I added more descriptive console logs, however whenever i now reload the app or restart with npm start, I always get the “test” console log output even though I have removed that line. So for some reason the changes I have made are not showing even after I stop and restart npm.

Any idea what I am doing wrong and why the automatic reloading on save stopped working?

For anyone else seeing similar issues. I recently got a new computer and was surprised to see that even after the new installation and starting a new app my phone was still loading the old app. I am not sure what kind of bug was causing this, but it seems to be related to the LAN connection not working anymore and possibly to me having activated production mode. So I switched the connection to use a tunnel and the app updates started showing up again.

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