No reload in Expo app Android

I’m completely new to Expo. I just followed the first steps in the tutorial Introduction · React Native. This tutorial says: “The application should reload automatically once you save your changes.” My application doesn’t reload automatically (in settings when I shake my phone reloading is enabled). If I want to see new changes I wrote, I have to click on Reload and then the Javascript bundles are being downloaded aigain and thén I see the changes. What can I do to get my application reload automatically?

It should reload in the simulator automatically. Any changes (e.g. saving) to files in the directory will trigger a reload.

However, I just updated my Android Studio on Windows to the latest version. Automatic reloading doesn’t work anymore. (But it works on my Mac.)

But I think it’s no big deal. I just close the app (clicking on the Overview button in simulator and swipe the app) in the simulator and press a (for Android) in my command prompt.

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