Facebook oAuth routes being called automatically??

Hi. I developed an app at work using the latest version of expo, however, I’m facing a very strange bug on Android (on my production build)

The app stops working out of nowhere! and randomly! When I say it stops working, it doenst crash or anything. But all network requests fails! I dont receive any error on Sentry also.
At first I thought my requests could be cached, so I made some changes to prevent such issues. However the problem still persists! So I installed a package capture app on my phone to see if I could grab the issue. And it surprised me:

Some facebook oAuth routes are being called automatically! But I don’t use facebook at all in the app! We do login using oAuth to a private api. In no moment I use the facebook login sdk, All my auth flux is made using normal post requests with axios to my private api.

Take a look at some screenshots I took:


I really appreciate your help. Don’t know what else to do and the app is already in production.

Hey @otaviogaiao,

What updates or changes did you make to your app that resulted in the network request fails? Or did this occur out of the blue? Also, please let me know what SDK version you’re using, as the more details we can get, the easier it is to resolve this issue :slight_smile:


Hi.This morning I found out that the issue with my app was firewall on the server side + axios messing up a few headers on Android. However those facebook calls still happen, and fail every time (as they should cause I didn’t configure anything facebook related).

I only realised these calls were happening when I installed a package capturer app on Android.

Below there are two more screen shots with details of one request:

I tried to dive into Expo code, but I got a little lost. I’d love to help if you point me to the right direction :slight_smile:


Ahh got it, so these calls may have been happening all along, you were only able to notice them now with the package capturer.

Most of your previous screenshots seem to be pointing to FB’s graph api (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/). But you don’t have any use of that in your app at all?

I don’t use graph api at all. No Facebook ads, no Facebook login, nothing. Its an app for internal use

Okay, well just so I can try and zero in on where the issue might be stemming from, what Expo APIs are you calling in your code at the moment?


What I explicitly call from Expo is:

  • Permissions
  • Notifications
  • @expo/vector-icons
  • Font
  • Asset
  • AppLoading
  • Constants

I think that’s all.

Oh and I’m also using sentry-expo.

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