I found the issue about AuthSession

This issue happen after login successfully and redirect back to my app but my app is refresh.like just open the app
which I can not handle anything after login. ( IOS works fine but for Android it happen)

Sorry for my English is not good

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Hi! the same happens to me! In iOS it works but on android makes the app to refresh!

Currently I’m using expo v23.0.0 with CRNA created app, I have published a test app to expo here and it fails as described on android https://expo.io/@mgscreativa/with-facebook-auth

My androis device is Galaxy S4 with android v 4.4.4

EDIT: the code for the app was taken from here https://github.com/expo/examples/blob/master/with-facebook-auth/App.js
EDIT: Here’s a bug report for this https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/880

It happens to us also still :confused: Did any of you managed to fix this?

Yeah, i’m facing the same problem too, this is kinda annoying