AuthSession causes app to keep crashing

After a user authenticates with AuthSession, they are prompted to open the redirect with my app twice. If a user selects the option on the right it causes the app to crash. I have attached an image of the “open with” prompt and the auth session code.

  let auth0_redirectUrl = AuthSession.getRedirectUrl();
  let authUrl = `https://${auth0_domain}/authorize` +
      client_id: auth0_clientId,
      response_type: 'token',
      scope: 'openid profile email',
      connection: 'facebook',
      redirect_uri: auth0_redirectUrl,
  let result = await AuthSession.startAsync({authUrl: authUrl,}); 

Hey @seanjoseph,

What SDK version are you using? Also, is this occurring on both ios and android?



Hey Adam,

We haven’t tested this on iOS yet.

"sdkVersion": "30.0.0"
"platforms": ["android"]



@adamjnav haven’t been able to find a solution for this yet. Any suggestions on how I should troubleshoot this? Would it be useful if I shared an APK with the issue?

Yeah, that would be great! You can either email or direct message me in the community slack @adamjnav

I’ll send you a dm @adamjnav

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@adamjnav I shot you a DM on slack, did you get it?

My bad, Sean. I must’ve tapped on it and about it. Let me see what we can find out. I’ll DM you when I find out more.

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Thanks Adam, let me know if you want me to send you anything else.

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