Facebook login is error server

Well, my problem happens that I create the key hashes on the command expo fetch: android: hashes, but when I log in to facebook it generates the following error [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: SERVER_ERROR: [code] 1349195 [message]: The key hash does not match any stored key hashes. Go to s: //developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/android for more information. [extra]:]
and I already did all the steps and I think it is the same key that you create … help

Hey @kelvin1595,

Can you let me know what SDK version you are running? As well, can you double check and make sure you properly saved the key hash on the facebook developer portal and that it matches the one that expo printed out?


I am exactly with the same problem, I am 2 days trying to correct it but after my profile appears I click on continue and the error described in the post occurs. I already checked my
hash key several times but the same error occurs.

Hello, the problem, just is in the expo app , when building app android/ios is no problem login with facebook.
but login with google is no problem in the expo app, just the login with facebook is a problem…
Also remember keystore must be the correct.

Hello admjnav, the final I found the solution

That’s grew news, @kelvin1595. Can you let us know what the solution ended up being so that others may benefit from your insight as well?

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Well, just compile the app on android, then install and test it and it works correctly, since from expo it always gives the problem that the key is not correct but the app already installed does work. :kissing_closed_eyes:.

It seems like to me there is adifferent Key Hash for facebook login before and after the build. And it seems like to me as well it is changing with every build.