Facebook Android Invalid Key Hash

Hey there,

I get an invalid Hash key error when I try logging into Facebook, once the app is deployed into the play store. It works fine on Expo, and the apk runs when dropped into my emulator device. I followed the instructions, and entered the key hash as it says on the docs.
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated


I have the same error happened.
It worked in Expo, but I installed app uploaded in play store and tried to login with facebook, invalid key hash error occurred.
I changed facebook developer setting to public, and added key hash I got by “exp fetch:android:hashes”.

Does someone know how to fix it?

hi all, if you could log this issue to Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with a repro, that’d be great. its hard to figure out what went wrong without more info. thanks!

Hi, I added this problem to https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/2079.