Standalone app different hash from fetch:android:hashes

I am having a lot of problems trying to get Facebook login to work in my standalone app. In development, it works just fine using the ‘web’ behavior, but when I build to production using the ‘native’ behavior and upload the APK to Google Play Store, the app still uses the ‘web’ behavior and it gives a message saying “Invalid key hash”.

The problem is that when I try “fetch:android:hashes” the hash that expo gives me is different from the facebook error message. Even if I try to set this hash in facebook, doesn’t work…

I read a post with a similar problem but I couldn’t get anything from it… If someone could please tell me how I get the right hash key to set in facebook developer page, it will fix this issue, I think.

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The issue was a wrong character in the hash. So, when you try the command expo fetch:android:hashes, the hash that it returns is not the right hash sometimes, so what you need to do is take the hash given by the facebook error message and put it in the developers page. In my case, I did this but didn’t work, but the thing was that in the middle of the hash was a “I” (this is a upper case i) but I thought this was a “l” (this is a lower case L) and that was my problem.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing this with the community and I’m glad you got it figured out. Would you mind creating an issue for this here: so we can get to the bottom of why incorrect hashes are being returned.



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