Extra white space top padding on apk file built via EAS

When I run my app on the Android emulator directly from the command line, everything looks normal. However, if I do an EAS build, and install the apk file to the emulator, when I load the app there is extra white space padding at the top of all screens. This seems to be the space that has device-specific icons when you view it directly from the command line - but they are not present when I install via an apk?

What is the issue here? I cannot test on a physical Android device right now and want to know if this is just an artifact of the emulator, or something that will also show on physical Android devices. And if so, why is it not showing up when I run the app from the command line to the emulator? And if it is an actual issue on physical devices, how do I resolve it? Thanks!

expo go can’t entirely reproduce the same production environment due to native configuration differences. it’s recommended to use development builds to more closely replicate production.

the ‘padding’ is likely the android status bar configuration, however it’s hard to say for sure without a minimal reproducible example. you can look into the following two apis: