Extra padding on tab navigator in Google Play version of app

Hey there, an app that I am working on looks fine when I run it through Expo, but when I run a version that’s been uploaded to the Play Store, there’s a good chunk of extra padding being added on the bottom of the tab navigator. This was both with the APK and the app bundle, across two different phones. I can only post one picture but there’s about a 10 height padding on the bottom of the tab navigator, should be pretty clear to see. Image included below:

Google Play:

Seem to have fixed it. I had been using a hack to help with the status bar spacing at the top but it seems it was unnecessary. The spacing is gone now that I have removed this from my app.js:

"androidStatusBar": {
  "backgroundColor": "#000000"

Glad you got things sorted!

What? Changing the background colour affected the spacing?

No, it’s a known issue that having the androidStatusBar property in app.json can create padding problems.

I see. Thanks.

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