Android status bar acting different with EAS Build


I deployed a test release of my application using EAS Build. Everything went great but there was one issue. The application no longer extends the navigators header into the status bar area. It works as expected through expo build and while running in Expo Go.

I’m only about 3 weeks into using Expo and React Native so sorry if I missed something obvious.


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hi there! sorry this is a known issue at the moment, it’s one of the few discrepancies between apps built with expo build and eas build right now. we plan to address it soon. you can work around it by using the status bar api to set your preferred style explicitly: StatusBar - Expo Documentation

Thank you very much for confirming. I took a look at StatusBar and that solves the coloring issue on the screens that use navigation headers.

On one of my screens, I turn off navigation headers. After doing this, I need to set the top margin on Android to be the status bar height to make sure my content doesn’t display in the status bar. With the EAS Build, the top margin pushes the content below the status bar then applies my additional margin. Effectively, doubling the space at the top. Is there a workaround for this? I hope I explained that well.

Thanks again.

set the status bar to translucent to avoid this. if that doesn’t help, let me know

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Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a try.

Your suggestions worked perfect. The only thing that it didn’t work on is the splash screen. I now see the status bar instead of the full screen splash screen. This isn’t a show stopper though.