Push notification on IOS

Can you confirm that push notifications should work on sdk 21 and IOS 11.0.3

I get them on Android. I checked that permission is granted and notifications for EXPO are turned on
Notifications.addListener gets just nothing

It works for my app. Didn’t set the addListener, but i dont need to show the notification in app.
Donc forget that iOS notification does not display when the app is already opened and in foreground (you must do it manually in app with the addListener to do so)

How do you check that you received push notification if you do not have addListner?

It displays as an iOS notification. With all the other notifications from the other apps (like facebook and twitter)
The listener is only used to display it when the app is open and in foreground.

On Android, il show an Android notification no matter what. But on iOS it only show it as a device notificaiton if the app isn’t in foreground.
Try is with the facebook messenger app. on Android, you’ll get a popup on top of the screen even when the app is open. But on iOS’ it wont. If messenger is in foreground, you won’t receive the notification, but you’ll see that you received a new message, because they probably add the addListener to update the message listing.

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Thank you arivest. This was very helpful. I just started doing push notifications and noticed the same behavior. Happy to see that this is the expected functionality.