expo publish:rollback does not remove a build

I uploaded a bad build and tried to roll it back using

expo publish:history

to show the builds and

expo publish:rollback --channel-id {the channel id from the history}

However, the bad build still gets downloaded by clients. The history also still shows the bad build, but with “N/A” for the channel and channelId columns.

The docs at [0] suggest that the rows in the history table should be removed completely, but this hasn’t happened for me. Is rollback broken? How can I guarantee that users will not pull the bad code?

(An example bad publish ID is 50472261-2fc6-11e9-88ae-2d69980e7343 for anyone who can look at the internals)

[0] https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/distribution/advanced-release-channels/

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